Connectivity Redefined

Networking Services

Branch Interconnection

Get all your company's branches all interconnected through a fast and reliable means.

Available in all major towns in Kenya.

Apartment Networking

Residential apartments offering internet connection to buyers/tenants, are more attractive to buyers and tenants.

Get your property networked at the fairest prices in town.

Commercial Networking

Do you need computers and devices in your business premise, school, hotel or institution networked so as to share facilities such printers, internet, data storage etc?

Welcome. We are experts in the industry.

Limited Offer

100% Free Fibre Connection

Pay 2-Months' Subscription and get absolutely free connection!!!

Connectivity Redefined

Bulk Internet/IP Transit

Bulk Internet

Are you an internet reseller or a business/institution in need of fast and reliable bulk internet in major town in Kenya?

We got you covered

IP Transit

Do you need reliable IP Transit services? Express Data Networks has vast and reliable fibre network throughout the country, that you can leverage on.

Reseller Package

Are you/your're intending to be an internet reseller in any major town in Kenya? Express Data offers fast internet at very competitive prices!!!